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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bear Series - Part 7

Reason for my absence = “no time” – a working Singaporean adult’s mantra. I’ve been initiated into the life of a typical working woman. Routine life is getting me down, not much of energy left for late nights... weekday nights last no longer then 11pm on a normal day...

But on the other hand... this change has me attaining skills I never knew I had... apparently I have subconscious conversational skills. Simply said I have conversations with people while I am sleeping... sometimes it can even be to the extent of putting one to sleep when one calls me at the wee hours due to sleeplessness... and yes all these while I’m sleeping. When I wake up in the morning, I’m totally unaware these conversations took place or at times partially aware (know there was a phone conversation but no idea of what the contents were).


Anonymous said...

Sun in your bedroom???? hehe.. great shot. feel like sleeping already!

DEVANA said...

wow! Nice one!!! It looks like its teddy's bed. HAHA... n u r a sleep guru! :P